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just a girl trying to find her way in this vast ever-changing beautiful world. love the whimsical, the colorful, and the magical nature all around....this blog is a sounding board for all my musings, loves, and inspirations. things that capture my fancy and make me tick. life's a wave, you gotta ride it out no matter where and how it takes you. also, check out my jewelry facebook page and instagram for all my current designs: http://www.facebook.com/SZJewelryhttp://instagram.com/sunnydaydreams10

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a bit of a peak of my newest collection- the Young and Free <3 <3 <3 

this season i’m totally getting inspired by the ocean and by the beach. been spending a lot of time there and the beautiful hues of blues, grays, and greens are always so calming to me. and sometimes when the waves are a bit choppy, it brings out a sense of adventure in the air as well. it’s been a great place for me to explore all my moods and thus has inspired my creative side as well. so enjoy this new collection! i’m totally feeling its vibe. 

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